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Resource Consents – Planning

The Surveying Company are award winning land development consultants based in Wellington. We are experts in planning and resource management and our experienced team have the expertise to successfully navigate council consent processes, to give your project the greatest chance of success. Our team of resource consent specialists cater to the needs of clients in the Wellington region, including Porirua, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, as well as the Wairarapa, which includes Masterton, the Horowhenua region and Kapiti Coast.


It’s no secret that some of the biggest delays in a development can be due to red-tape. For some people dealing with Councils and delving into the RMA is daunting. We have the skills and expertise to undertake any Resource Consent Application for any City, District or Regional Council in the greater Wellington Region, Wairarapa, Kapiti and Horowhenua. The need to obtain a resource consent can range from earthworks, bridging a stream, building near to a boundary through to land subdivisions.

Virtually every development or subdivision requires a Resource Consent Application and this work forms a major part of a development process. We can advise on the type of Consent required and give an indication on the likelihood of success based on past experience.

The five types of Resource Consents are:

  • Land Use Consents
  • Subdivision Consents
  • Coastal Permits
  • Water Permits
  • Discharge Permits (for discharges into air, water or land).

It is important to note that a resource consent and a building consent are not the same thing. They are for different activities and are dealt with under separate Acts and separate Council departments.

What generally needs to be included in a resource consent:

  • Council deposit to cover their initial time processing the application
  • A completed Application Form – Form 9
  • A scheme plan or site plan depicting the development or proposed land use
  • An assessment of the environmental effects of the proposal and how is it proposed to avoid, remedy or mitigate these effects
  • A copy of the certificate of title for the proposed site(s)
  • Any supporting documents, reports and photographs
  • Neighbours approvals if required

It is important to note that all Councils have slightly different requirements when it comes to the information they require. What needs to be included also depends on the scale of your proposed activity. At The Surveying Company we are understand what each of the different Councils in our region require as part of a resource consent application and we pride ourselves on ensuring that all applications are accepted as complete by the local authority first time, every time.

With our multi disciplined staff we have the skills to prepare any type of resource consent application and we value the strong relationships with other expert consultants should we require their input i.e geotechnical engineers, traffic engineers, ecologists. Our relationships with the Local Authorities  that cover the Wellington, Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Kapiti Coast and Wairarapa regions, ensures that the process is undertaken efficiently and stress free. We undertake community consultation, attend pre application meetings with the Council and Council hearings should it come to that. We ensure the we can help you navigate through the process in an efficient manner.


Sometimes if you are undertaking a larger development and it is zoned inappropriately then it is better to apply to the Council to have the land re-zoned specifically for your development. Rezoning land can improve development certainty and reduce the requirements for future resource consents. We can prepare the required application to Council, obtain advice from expert consultants and attend Council hearings if required. We can provide you with the right planning advice for your project.


If you are affected by someone else’s resource consent application or Council District Plan changes, you have the ability to make a submission on it and be heard. We can prepare the submission and collate any relevant information as well as attend Council or Environment Court hearings on the proposal.


The Surveying Company are also highly experienced in dealing with the encroachment licence process for structures such as cable cars, car decks, driveways and garages. Our services include consultation with Council officers and neighbours, gaining service authority clearances and making the application for licence to Council.