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Land Surveying

The Surveying Company are award winning Wellington surveyors and cater for all types of land surveying projects for clients in the Wellington region including Porirua, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, as well the Wairarapa region including Masterton and the Horowhenua and Kapiti Coast.


Topographical surveys (site surveys) involve the accurate measurement of the existing land contours and features in relation to the legal boundaries and form the basis of any development on a site. The plan produced will detail (as applicable): site boundaries, existing trees and vegetation, existing buildings, Council services and private drainage where visible on site, contours, architectural features and will be presented at an appropriate scale and in electronic format as required. This form of land survey is commonly used for design on the site. i.e house design, height in relation to boundary calculations, earthworks, access, servicing.


The location of a legal boundary is sometimes not easily visible. We are able to redefine your legal boundary and reinstate the legal pegs. It is important to understand that occupation (fences, walls etc) is sometimes not on the exact boundary location, sometimes the old pegs that you have located are no longer accurate and able to be relied on. It is best to have an experienced Wellington surveyor come in first and establish the boundary before undertaking any work (which can end up becoming very costly if you have mis-identified the boundary location). Please note it is only a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor who can replace boundary pegs.


If your title is ‘limited’ and you need to know where your boundary is for whatever reason then you will need these limitations uplifted. Our land surveyors undertake the required investigations, consultations and survey field work in order to determine the boundary locations. We prepare the plans and data and submit to Land Information New Zealand.

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In order to be able to accurately undertake construction works you need a set out survey. This involves calculating the position of the new building, infrastructure etc as per the design, then visiting site to accurately set out the required points and levels. This type of work needs to be undertaken very accurately and our surveyors pride ourselves on adhering to the ‘measure twice and cut once’ old adage. We undertake a wide range of set outs from new houses through to multi-level buildings. We can also provide offset markers and on site datums.


An easement or covenant plan depicts a certain area on a parcel of land which is subject to limitations, exclusions or rights of use. For example an easement plan to allow a right of way for access to a neighbouring property, an easement to allow services through a property, a covenant area to protect native bush or represent an allowable building area. Our surveyors who cover the entire Wellington, Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Kapiti Coast and Wairarapa areas, can prepare these plans, obtain Council approval if required and lodge with Land Information New Zealand. Your solicitor will then register these on the appropriate titles.


Flats Plans are the name given to the plan that represents an area in a cross lease property. This plan, which is attached to the title, must accurately reflect the situation on the ground. i.e the house footprint as shown on the plan must match what is actually there. The issue with not updating the plan when additions and alterations are made means that the title is defective, which can become a big problem especially at time of sale. Our team can undertake the required survey and plans to ensure the flats plan is accurate, lodge to Land Information New Zealand and liaise with your solicitor to have it attached to the title.


Landlords require accurate measurements of their premises to determine the rentable area of their shops and offices. This then forms part of the lease agreement. Our surveying specialists in Wellington, Porirua, Hutt Valley, Wairarapa and Kapiti Coast can undertake the required measure up and plans in line with the BOMA guidelines.


Asbuilt surveys accurately show the 3D location of services, infrastructure, earthworks and construction for the purpose of record keeping by home owners, Councils, utility networks etc. These surveys are undertaken while construction is taking place or soon after. These plans can be provided electronically to the end user and integrated into online information.


All Councils District Plans have rules on how close you can build to a boundary and how high in order to protect the enjoyment and use of neighbouring properties. As part of the Council consent requirements when building they may require Surveyor Certification for the location and height of the building in relation to the boundary to ensure no breaches. Our land surveyors can come out during the build process and check and certify Council requirements and provide the required plans to go to Council. This certification can only be undertaken by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.


Road legalisation surveys involve the taking of land for the purpose of road or stopping a section of road and transferring that land back to an adjoining title. Our surveyors, who cover Wellington, Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Kapiti and Wairarapa, work closely with Local and Central Government on these types of surveys and also individuals who may want to explore having a section of legal road stopped and transferred in to their ownership.